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How to Play Among Us on PC & Mac

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Among Us is a game popular not only for kids but also for adults. It is a game of 10 members divided into two teams: the human crewmates and alien impostors. The job of the humans is to complete the task mission set and eliminate impostors. On the other hand, aliens to kill humans. There are two ways to victory, to fulfill all the tasks or kill all impostors. This game will be more interesting if you can play it on a bigger screen like computers. This way, you can see better. So, in this article, we listed the best solutions to play Among Us on PC.

Top 3 Ways to Play Among Us on PC & Mac


To play Among Us on a computer, you can rely on a handy tool named LetsView. It is one of the best free mirroring apps that you can use on almost all devices platform. It provides three methods for connection, including auto-detection, Pin, and QR code. All you have to do is secure a stable internet connection. So without further a due, here is how to play Among Us on PC using LetsView.
  • Download LetsView on your PC and phone.


  • Connect your PC and your mobile device under the same Wi-Fi network, then launch the app on your phone and PC.
  • The phone app will auto-detect the devices to connect. Wait until the name of your PC appears on your mobile device, choose the name of your PC, and tap on “Phone Screen Mirroring”.
    begin mirroring
  • From there the transmission of the screen and the audio will begin. Once mirrored, you can start playing Among Us on your PC.


Another tool on the list is also a mirroring app called ApowerMirror. It has similar functions to LetsView, but you can differentiate them with the features it offers. This app can do more compared to LetsView but, of course, with a cost. Let’s say the cloud mirroring feature allows you to mirror devices in the distance and the ability to control devices using the computer keyboard and mouse. So if you are playing such games as play Among Us on computer, this app is yours to try. You can check out the guide below to know more about it.
  • Prepare a USB cable to connect your phone and your PC.


  • Download the app on both devices
  • Connect both using the USB cable. Wait until the PC is recognized. Then on your phone, a confirmation notice will appear. Tap on “Start now” to mirror your phone to your PC.
    play Among US on PC
  • You can now play Among Us on your computer with your mouse and keyboard. To enable the controls, click on the Keyboard icon from the main interface of the tool. Set the joystick and the mouse control to your desired settings.


Aside from using a mirroring app, you can also consider using an Android Emulator to play Among Us on Mac and Windows. This is a good option if you do not want to go through connecting and mirroring. This is made to play games that are available on mobile devices. To learn how to play Among Us on your computer with BlueStacks, follow the steps below.
  • Visit the official website of BlueStacks.
  • Launch the app and search for the PlayStore.
  • Associate your Gmail account and download Among Us.
  • After downloading and installing Among Us, you can now start playing the game on your PC.
    play the game


The three methods to play Among Us on PC are practical and easy to use. Although they are different in many ways, they are still good options to consider using. If you want to experience the same as you are using your phone while playing the game on your PC, then ApowerMirror is recommended.

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