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Top 5 Screen Mirroring Apps for Redmi Phone

Last updated on September 19, 2023 by

Redmi phone is an Android phone that is already making its name on the market, because of its impressive budget price compared to other cell phone brands. With its breathtaking features and pleasing design, there is no doubt that Redmi phones are in demand. And if you have one and enjoy watching movies, concerts, or even playing games using your Redmi phone, it would be great if you could do screen mirroring. In that way, you can enjoy the content of your phone on a bigger and better array. Below are the best screen mirroring apps for Redmi phones.

5 Screen Mirroring Apps for Redmi

screen mirroring redmi phone


screen mirroring app for Redmi Phone with Apowermirror

First on the list is a well-known screen mirroring app which is called ApowerMirror. With its high performance in mirroring, you can screen your Redmi phone on your PC via USB OR Wifi and cast it on your TV. You cannot only cast multiple devices using this app but also can control it using your computer’s mouse and keyboard. Packed with useful features, ApowerMirror will let you experience a full-screen display, take screenshots, record screens, and many more. Get this app by clicking the download button below.



  • Screen mirror in real time
  • Offers extra features such as taking screenshots, recording screens, and annotation.
  • Can mirror multiple devices simultaneously
  • Local and cloud mirroring


  • Sometimes it relies on the internet connection


mirror app for Redmi Phone using letsview

Another compatible screen-sharing app for Redmi Phones is LetsView. This free android screen mirroring app has a user-friendly interface that can make the screen mirroring process really easy. You can do other activities like live streaming and displaying files which is very useful in classroom and office meetings. Just like the above tool, LetsView is a cross-platform that can be used on other devices such as iPhones, iPad, Android, smart TVs, and on Macs. 



  • Fast application for screen mirroring activity
  • Will let you record once start mirroring the screen
  • Completely free and easy-to-use interface


  • Wi-fi is the only option for connectivity support


screen sharing app for Redmi Phone using Anymirror

AnyMirror is really a useful app that you can use to mirror your phone screen with synchronized audio which is high-quality and has no delay at all. With this mirror app for Redmi Phone, you can record all on-screen activities, and annotate in real-time such as adding arrows, shapes, text, mosaics, and text. Do a live stream with audio on your favorite sites which include Youtube, and other conferencing software.


  • Multiple mirror sources
  • Auto rotation and zoom in and out
  • Can record the screen while doing a live stream


  • A little bit expensive compared to other tools on the list


best screen mirroring app for Redmi Phone with Airserver

AirServer enables you to experience the content of your phone on a big screen. Mirroring your phone can instantly turn your simple movie marathon into extra vibes because of the bigger screen experience. Moreover, with its built-in post-processing, you can adjust the sharpness, saturation, hue, brightness, and contrast of the content of your phone. Making it one of the best screen mirroring apps for Redmi Phones. 


  • User-friendly interface
  • Effective for screen mirroring multiple device screens simultaneously
  • Can share content up to 60 fps and with 4k ultra-high definition


  • The tool is quite expensive 
  • It regularly contains bugs with connection dropping frequently

Reflector 4

screen mirroring app for Redmi Phone with reflector

Discover the ability of the Reflector 4 software in screen mirroring that can wirelessly share and record your activity on your Redmi phone. And because this software works wirelessly, no need to use cables, adapters, or any hardware with a single app. The combination of the latest tech advancement and continued development works can give stable performance in screen mirroring.  Entertain yourself by watching your favorite dramas or movies or even enjoy playing your favorite games on another bigger screen. 


  • Most of the time it can be glitchy and fail to connect as needed. 
  • Good user interface design


  • Most of the time it can be glitchy and fails to connect as needed.


Feel free to have these amazing 5 screen mirroring apps for Redmi phones. If you need casting ability with extra features you may have ApowerMirror. And if you need something that can give you free access to screen mirroring, LetsView is the best for you. Other than that, you may try the other tools listed above.

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