Similar Apps and Best Alternatives to OBS

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Most streamers use OBS as their choice of streaming software. They find the app convenient and budget-friendly since it is absolutely free.

But the question is, is it the best app for live streaming? Since live streaming is making noise today more than ever, a lot of us are looking for other applications as an alternative to OBS to increase the aesthetic of their content and in terms of functionality. That being said, here are some of the tools you can explore designed for live streaming aside from OBS.

Best Applications Similar to OBS



obs alternative

Casttingo is a great OBS alternative tool for mobile devices. The app works perfectly on both Android and iOS systems. It lets you stream easily on multiple social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and more. And since OBS Studio comes with a Chroma Key, Casttingo also has a built-in feature where you can change the background of your video and choose different filters to enhance your videos. It’s easy to utilize very suitably for new streamers and alike.



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Lightstream is another OBS app alternative made for PC. This is a paid app, so if you want to enjoy the app you need to avail its premium version. On the same note, Lightstream works on different streaming platforms. It allows users to personalize Playstation and Xbox streams to Twitch without using a capture card with amazing overlays. Moreso, it is also a great tool in hosting a live show with guests since they can share their screen with a link.


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ShadowPlay is often compared to OBS Studio in terms of its use and functionality. Honestly, ShadowPlay is quite similar to OBS. However, ShawdowPlay lets its users record and capture their streaming content. Its recording software can record from 8K HDR at 30 frames per second to 4K HDR at 60 frames per second. Above all, this application has the ability to automatically captures the highlight of your game so you can share it on your social media platforms or during your live broadcast. If you’re wondering if this app is better than OBS, in terms of space, it requires a lot of space in the hard drive but it is a good choice if you have great bandwidth.


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XSplit is a live streaming and video-mixing application you can use either for free or paid. It offers cutting-edge all-in-one streaming and recording solution for your live stream and virtual events. If you’re not streaming, this app can also do wonders for your calls by replacing, removing, or blurring your webcam background. It is also good to note that the app is available on mobile devices as it is compatible with Android and iOS too.


obs alternative

Last but definitely not least, Streamlabs. This application offers a comprehensive set of tools and features designed for live streaming. These sets include personalized streams with professional overlays you can customize to make your video more attractive. Not only you can stream on your favorite social media platform but to multiple platforms all at once. And, you can enjoy all these and more for free. Overall, the app is equipped with advanced features and increased functionality compared with OBS.


If OBS is not your cup of tea or you’re simply looking for another application that offers more functions, you can choose between the apps listed in this article. Some are free while others come with hefty price tags. All in all, they are almost the same as OBS but with certain distinctions.

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